4 December 2011

LSD magazine Feat. Sya & Bow. Along with Frez, Aybe, Choly and OFW

Artical about the UAE graff scene. Written By JonnyKennaugh.


25 July 2011

Sya & Bow in Beirut PT 2

Pieces by M3laim & Matchstick. Part of the Colab.

Sya & Bow in Beirut

Sya & Bow hit Beirut for the weekend.
The place is amazing with a kicking scene and great people.
Massive shout outs to Phat 2, M3laim , Matchstick, Oras.
Sya & Bow will be back :))

10 July 2011

Khaleej Times Article

Sya and Bow interview in the Khaleej times along with El Seed.


3 July 2011

Belvedere Vodka Commision

Belvedere Vodka asked Myself and Bow to create a backdrop for the Republique bar in the Address Hotel, Dubai Mall.