20 March 2010

The Start.

Dubai Graffiti
An idea to try and push the Graffiti/Street art scene a little more within Dubai and the surrounding emirates. To show that it is possible to paint here within the limits and laws of this part of the world also for this region to see and understand what this art we all love is about.
Writers/Artist do pass through here and do paint.
I will try and document as much as i can on my travels around the UAE from events to street pieces so if any writers that have passed through and have taken flicks of their work drop me a line and i will post it up as some may have gone by now due to the heavy construction or the event ending.



  1. hey...
    I'm AriN, mainly graffiti character artist.
    But i also do good amount of letters...it has only being less than a year i've started graffiti and we dint try any wall pieces.....we would need real help in tat........so if you could help us it'll be awesome.......^_^

    P.s. You can check my pieces at www.arin0155.deviantart.com

  2. Practice practice practice.
    Get your skills down on paper to start with. Style will come later.
    Dont try and go out with a huge burner, start with simple letters and progress. Find a quiet spot at DFC and take your time. As your part of GYEM you can check the progress of graff that gets done there. Learn from the pieces there as you can get up close to them and learn how to build a piece.
    Hope this helps