4 June 2010


To hot to paint but gave it a go. 90+ at 11am !!!!


  1. heya just wanted to say that you've got a good blog going on here!

    it's nice to see some paint going on over there, i lived in dubai from '85-'03 and i don't remember ever seeing a single piece there back in those days.

    just you wait till i come back for a visit i'll bust out the burner chrome and go for some serious underpass visibility and show you guys how we do things in europe! or you can beat me to it and post some flicks!


  2. Cheers mate.Glad you like.
    The scene is starting slowly.
    I know how things are done in europe , im from the UK
    No underpass action here apart from a couple of bits by Aybe.
    Hit me up when your back in town mate.