13 March 2011

Bow Terrorist

New work from a slightly sun scorched Bow :)



  1. slightly mental proposition to you Mr Sya... but, would you like to do a piece or something arounds my maximum bow and then ill do some more stencil stuff afters? like i might do a set of dripping antlers. Let me know. will totally understand if you cant stomach painting on cherry pink background ;) lol.
    I just need to go back and add the missing little crease on the bow tho, will do tonite... how the f8ck i forgot that i dont know ive done a thousand bows before and never forgot a crease. The sun must have made me go a bit delirious. :)

  2. Yeah sounds like a plan, when you want to do it.
    mail me back on sya0ne@hotmail.com i have an idea.