21 March 2012

Art Night ,DIFC ,Dubai, Box wall 2.0

A good night painting on a wall of cardboard boxes as part of Art Night at DIFC, Dubai.
Deep Crates Cartel in Full Force. Frez, Sya, Bow, Choly, Simo with Break DJ Lobitio spinning the wax


  1. NICE! Sya? i forgot my login details 2 yahoo thats y i cudnt get hold of u man. i went down 2 DFC and the wall aint ther no more. wats going on? is ther any way i cud get 2 know wer 2 paint? im using canvas n it sucks man. please lemme knw. eS37

  2. Hey. Is there any legal Wall around Dubai? I am Here for Some months now and would love to do a piece before its too hot over here.